Masako has been playing music since her childhood. After learning to play piano and violin in her hometown of Ashiya, Japan, she was introduced to bluegrass music at Kobe University. When she moved to Seattle and then later Florida for work she found that her music helped her communicate in ways she felt she couldn't when speaking English. After meeting her husband through some jam-mates in Florida, they got married and decided to buy a farm in Tennessee. Inspired by life on the farm, Masako took on the challenge of writing and playing her own music for her YouTube channel. She continues to write, work, and care for her kids at their current farm outside Hardyville, KY. This film looks to capture some of those sights she is inspired by, while allowing her to tell some of her story interwoven in her music. Produced by Neil Purcell.

For additional videos and information visit Masako Jeffers’ YouTube channel here.