Recorded live at the Artist Pad in Glasgow, KY.

Combining influences of gospel-blues with southern soul, Devon Gilfillian is using familiar elements to create a unique sound.  Gilfillian’s self-titled debut EP places his talents as a guitarist and songwriter on full display, ranging from the bluesy ballad “Home” to the upbeat, and Al Green-esque, “Here & Now”.  But where Devon really shines is in his electric live performances.  Whether a full ensemble is backing him or he’s playing a stripped down solo set, Gilfillian can instantly connect with an audience and have them on the edge of their seats.  This was the case during his solo session, recorded at the Artist Pad in Glasgow, KY.

Travelin' Blues

Here & Now

Heart on the Floor

Devon discusses experimenting with new sounds and the evolution of creating his music.

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