Recorded live at the Goodnight Memorial Library in Franklin, KY.

Simply put, Erin Rae may have the purest voice in all of music. It isn’t just her soothing vocals that set Erin’s music apart, but also her unique ability to pen songs that conjure up the deepest of emotions. Listening to her album, Soon Enough, it’s hard not feel the same levels of emotions that one might experience when flipping through a box of old, faded photographs from days long past. And much like those old photographs that still draw from our emotional reservoirs all these years later, we suspect Erin’s music will hold up equally well for years to come.

We paired Erin, joined by guitarist Juan Solorzano, with the historic Goodnight Auditorium, a venue that perfectly matches Erin's nostalgic storytelling.

Clean Slate

Wild Blue Wind

for additional information on the artist & venue:

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