New Video: Billy Strings 'Meet Me at the Creek'

Billy Strings is nothing short of a musical force of nature. His live performances are borderline religious experiences that routinely push the boundaries of the bluegrass instruments used. Despite a touring schedule that would exhaust most, Strings brings an intensity to each show that is unrivaled and we were honored to capture a glimpse of this last November before his concert at the Capitol Arts Center. His new album 'Turmoil and Tinfoil' is out September 22nd and if you haven't pre-ordered it yet, let this video of 'Meet Me at the Creek' sway you to jump on the Billy Strings train as soon as possible.

'Meet Me at the Creek'

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Watch: Erin Rae performs "Clean Slate" live

Simply put, Erin Rae may have the purest voice in all of music. It isn’t just her soothing vocals that set Erin’s music apart, but also her unique ability to pen songs that conjure up the deepest of emotions. Listening to her album, Soon Enough, it’s hard not feel the same levels of emotions that one might experience when flipping through a box of old, faded photographs from days long past. And much like those old photographs that still draw from our emotional reservoirs all these years later, we suspect Erin’s music will hold up equally well for years to come.

Recorded live at the Goodnight Memorial Library in Franklin, KY.

Erin Rae performs her song "Clean Slate" at the Goodnight Memorial Library in Franklin, KY. 

WATCH: Lucette performs stripped-down version of "Bobby Reid"

We're releasing an additional song today from singer songwriter Lucette's session in the Hidden Homestead in Franklin, KY.  Bobby Reid was the first single released from Lucette's acclaimed 2014 release, Black is the Color.  Watch the haunting performance below and visit to learn more.

Lucette - Bobby Reid