Artist Update

New Video: Billy Strings 'Meet Me at the Creek'

Billy Strings is nothing short of a musical force of nature. His live performances are borderline religious experiences that routinely push the boundaries of the bluegrass instruments used. Despite a touring schedule that would exhaust most, Strings brings an intensity to each show that is unrivaled and we were honored to capture a glimpse of this last November before his concert at the Capitol Arts Center. His new album 'Turmoil and Tinfoil' is out September 22nd and if you haven't pre-ordered it yet, let this video of 'Meet Me at the Creek' sway you to jump on the Billy Strings train as soon as possible.

'Meet Me at the Creek'

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WATCH: Seth Pedigo's Banjo

 Seth Pedigo of the Dead Broke Barons

Seth Pedigo of the Dead Broke Barons

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Seth Pedigo of the Dead Broke Barons at Lost River Cave to discuss his banjo.  In the video below, Seth discusses the history of the banjo, how he came across his, and the symbolism behind his hand drawn illustrations on the instrument.  This piece was produced by WKU PBS crew member Neil Purcell.