New Video: Lilly Hiatt "The Night David Bowie Died" Live

The Night David Bowie Died

Whether it’s a bruising rock tune or a contemplative ballad, one constant always remains in singer-songwriter Lilly Hiatt’s music: brutal honesty. Her 2017 album, Trinity Lane, works as both an open collection of confessionals as well as a cathartic release for the broken hearted. While Lilly’s lyrics portray a narrator who’s still piecing together the meaning of love and life, her live performances are concentrated bursts of primal energy and emotions from an artist who clearly knows how to captivate a crowd, and most importantly, an artist who clearly was bruised but not broken.

This session was recorded live at the historic Taylor’s Chapel in Bowling Green, KY courtesy of the SOKY Marketplace. Special thanks to Tidballs for their help in the arrangement of this production. An additional video of Lilly’s performance of “Rotterdam” is available below: